Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Navigation Without Mouse Clicks

Have you ever wondered how Surfing would be without mouse-clicks.
Still thinking what I mean.
Let me make it straight then.
lets Say there exist a "Link". Now inorder to view this page, people would normally click it.
Navigating without mouse clicks is that -all we need to do is just do mouseover on it and the link will be clicked and we will be taken to the desired page.

This is very much possible and many research projects are made online based on No-Click Idea.
If this idea is accepted by Internet Users then there would be no sound of mouse clicking while surfing internet,it would be a Quite expedition and number of people complaining of finger pains due to mouse clicks will also gradually decrease ;).

One such research project is here .

I would strongly recommed you all to visit it so as to get that weird-nice experience while navigating this site.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and even played few games there.

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