Thursday, May 10, 2007

Google Logo's

Google Logo's

Well call it googlogy or googleX. I just can't stop exploring google. Google has provided so many tools / pages / features to its users, just to prevent them moving out of and invite more new users.

One of its steps in doing so was to connect with peoples emotions and google did it with logo's.

Initially Google developers mostly Larry Page customised Google logos just to represent mood @ google center but later they played it quite often and it assumed a big time role.Now google represents all global, unbiased days like remembering Man's first step on moon, thanks giving, Edvard Munch's Birthday etc.

Louis Braille's Birthday - January 4, 2006

Happy Halloween - October 31, 2006

They have now got their own team of Creative designers who regularly keep designing new logos for Google.

You can view all official and unofficial logos of google at

Official Logos

Holiday Logos

Fan Logo's

Enjoy and be creative to send ur version of google logo to Google Team

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