Friday, August 31, 2007

Send Header without error

One of the common errors a web developer often gets is "Headers already sent" error.This happens when we render some text/characters /space in the browser and then try to redirect the page using header function of php.
For long I always thought that header function will only work when there is nothing rendered before the header call.
But recently I discovered(ofcorse with help of google) that we can render anything before the header call and still redirect the page.

Normal Usage with error is

echo "This will give error"

echo "This will NOT give error";
header("refresh:0; url:");

Here refresh:0 means the page will load after 0 seconds(which is instantly).
Basically this can be used when we want to have delay the page loading say we want to load yahoo after 2 seconds.
In this case the code will be

header("refresh:2; url:");

So start using this header call and redirect the page anytime during page execution.

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